Stop & Smell the Roses


If you know me you know I love flowers. I used to wear so many ensembles with floral print and then a friend kindly informed me that I looked like a modern day grandma. So needless to say I had to dial the flowers back a bit.

I follow an account on Instagram named @flowergirltv and she makes the nicest pieces with actual artificial flowers and I’m obsessed.

flower girl tv

While I don’t have the patience to sew as many flowers onto an article of clothing, I do have the patience to sew a few. So I decided to try it out with my own aesthetic and it turned out pretty elegant.


The blazer is a Ralph Lauren blazer that was way too big for me. I’m grateful though because I needed the length. I tailored the arms and shoulders to be a little tighter for a cleaner look.

I sewed four large white artificial roses with lace details onto the blazer in spots that I placed them BEFORE I sewed them down to make sure they weren’t in weird places. Of course I had to move the buttons over to make sure the blazer fit my curves.

I think it came out really nice. What do you guys think?


Also, I have new highlighted stories on my Instagram!


Go check out my VERY bourgeoisie picnic (dining alfresco) with my friends who are dressed equally as over-the-top as I am.

I love you all and as always sending lots of moxie your way,


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