Bourbon Peach Cobbler Croissant Sticky Buns | Peach Season

It’s Peach Season guys! The farmers market and grocery stores are overflowing with peaches right now so I figured there’s no time like now to try my hand at baking.

I’m exciting to show y’all this flaky, butter, sweet and sticky dessert. There’s a shortcut in this recipe because I have yet to learn how to make a proper dough. However, this shortcut turned out to be JUST what this recipe needed.

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Southern Smothered Oxtails

You guys, words can’t even express how happy I was to get my hands on some oxtails finally. Now they cost me an arm and a leg, a credit check, and my first born son, but I got them! LOL!

I haven’t cooked a traditional soul food Sunday dinner in a while but I was feeling very nostalgic last week and decided to cook a very southern dinner and oxtails had to be on the menu.

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