Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Quiche

Look at this beauty! I promise it tastes just as good as it looks. I’m on a mission to make the most fanciest sounding dishes easy to make. Summer is around the corner and we will be dining al fresco quite a bit, so here’s a recipe to add to our menu for summer eats.

Here’s what we’ll need:


(1) 26 oz bag of shredded hash brown (defrosted and squeezed dry)

1 tsp paprika

3/4 tsp seasoned salt

1/2 tsp garlic roasted salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

1 1/2 cups cheese


6 eggs

1/2 cup diced smoked salmon

2 Tbsp thinly sliced green onion

1/2 tsp onion salt

1/8 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp crushed red

3/4 cup heavy cream


1/2 tsp olive oil

2 cups of asparagus

1/4 tsp garlic salt

1/8 tsp pepper

Let’s start with the crust. I ended up making too much of the hash brown mixture for the crust so for this recipe I used half of the mixture that was made. Make sure to squeeze all of the water out of your hash browns. Try to get them as dry as possible. Mix all your ingredients together and press it into a greased quiche pan. I used 1tsp of olive oil to grease my dish. I let it sit in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Then preheated the oven to 425°F.

You’ll want to place half of the hash brown mixture into the dish and press it down flat making sure to cover the entire bottom of the dish along with the sides. Sometimes it’s okay to be meticulous in certain areas of cooking, this is one of them. We want to make sure that we don’t have any holes in the crust before pre-baking it. Holes means that our liquid mixture may leak through while baking.

We will place the crust into the oven at 425°F for 15 minutes. It should come out looking something like the picture above. Now that our crust in pre-baked we can move on to the filling.

I was a little worried that the asparagus might boil inside the quiche when baking so I pre-sautéed them in 1/4 tsp of oil along with all the seasonings for about 3-4 minutes on med-high heat. They should take on a little color but still be crisp on the inside. Take them out of the pan and set them to the side while we mix our filling.

I recommend whisking the eggs together first making sure that you can no longer see the difference between the whites and the yolks and then whisking in the heavy cream. Once the liquid is whisked together you can then add the asparagus along with the other ingredients. Give them a good mix together and then pour it into your crust. Lower the oven temperature to 375°F.

Into the oven at 375°F. I baked the quiche for 26 minutes. I did peak at it a few times and jiggle it to make sure the middle of the quiche was set. If you give your quiche a jiggle while it’s baking and the middle wiggles, it’s not ready and you should definitely leave it in the oven to continue baking.

Once your quiche is out of the oven it’s best to let it rest until it reaches room temperature. I let mine rest for about 20 minutes. I topped it with crème fraîche and chives and it was the perfect addition. If you’re wondering how the crust looks…

It’s perfect!

I hope you guys try this recipe and if you do feel free to tell me what you liked about it! You can always tag me on Instagram @CookingWithRoxy. I love you all and as always sending lots of moxie your way!


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