Showing My True Stripes


Listen. This dress. Do you see it?

I look so classically chic and I didn’t even have to try. I spent an hour doing my makeup, but getting dressed was a breeze haha!


This little hat was thrifted and I’m always trying to think of ways to wear it more often because once you buy a hat that’s commitment. You can either look really chic with a hat on or really corny. I think my friends would have let me know if I looked corny (they’re my toughest critiques LOL).

Dress: Target, Shoes: NYC Boutique, Hat: Thrifted

I know I wear a lot of looks that show off my legs, because that’s the feature I feel most confident about, but I’ll be posting looks soon that aren’t so leggy. Tell me what you think about this look. Do you prefer vertical or horizontal  stripes? Let me know in the comments.

I love you all and as always sending lots of moxie your way,


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