Sheer Satisfaction


I know I’ve said it once before, but I’m completely in love with wearing sheer/see-through tops. It’s cheeky, even more so when you’re plus size. I showed the pictures to one of my friends and asked her what she thought and she said “it’s verrryyy….see through” LOL!

I had to tailor the pants myself so that I could get the look  I wanted. You have to do that sometimes when you’re over a size 6.


I’m in love with the femininity of this top yet the bare all effect it has, will be buying more tops like this.

Top- CitiTrends; Pants- Thrifted; Shoes-Charlotte Russe; Glasses-ShopChrisChanel

I hope this look inspires some of you to take a little risk this summer. See you all next time.

As always sending lots of moxie your way,


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