The Speed of Light

Summer couldn’t get here fast enough, so my friends and I decided to start a little early. Traveling in North Carolina is a summer tradition for us and it’s always a challenge to pick a destination. We have mountains, we have metropolitan areas with some of the finest fare the U.S. has to offer, and we have a plethora of beaches.

We decided to pick a historic site this time around. Not only is Bodie Island stately and serene, it’s quite picturesque as well.


I’ve never seen a light house before and I wasn’t prepared for the statuesque beauty that is Bodie Island Light House.


While the outside is amazing, the inside is just as breath taking.

travel NC 2

The hike on the way up, while a bit of a challenge was captivating. The view once at the top was well worth the hike.

Blazer: Vintage Balmain, Skirt: Thrifted, Top: Adidas

The air feels different at the top. It’s softer and quieter. 171 years of beauty and history, and I got to mark this moment in my memory Rolodex.


I know they tell you not to look down if you’re afraid of heights, but who would want to miss this view?

Heels: Charlotte Russe

I’ll be traveling more this year and planting my heels on new ground…or tile (you’ve got to get those blogger shots LOL). I hope you all will follow along. See more of my adventure to Bodie Island on my highlighted instastory, Travel: NC.

Travel NC 1

I love you all and as always sending lots of moxie your way,


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