Shimmer n’ Shake


It’s 2017 and it’s about time I stopped being scared. I’ve been wanting to (re)start my blog now for 3 years and I just kept procrastinating.


It never worked out the first time that’s why. I rarely updated posts. I sucked at taking pictures (still do, I’m getting better) and I didn’t know how to edit them either (still working on that too). I was so annoyed at how perfect I didn’t look and I envied other bloggers who were consistent.

I lacked consistency.

We’re not doing that this year (yes I said we). We’re going to actually work on our goals each day, a little at a time.


I know you’re scared…I am too.


It’s a big step to try something that you think is risky.

What if I fail? What if you don’t?


What if I have to start over? So start over.


What if it doesn’t work out….my dear but what if it does? This year we’re going to take fear and failure out of our vocabulary. We have a journey ahead of us so lets get started.

Shoes: Shoe Show, Skirt: Debs,  Blazer: Debs, Top: Target, Fur Necklace: DIY

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